Who We Are

BitConfused stands as a cryptocurrency-focused media company with an unwavering commitment to advancing the cause of hyper-cryptocurrencization. We achieve this by delivering our readers with timely news and media services, catering to the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and startups that share our dedication to the cryptocurrency protocol.

In concert with our diverse and well-informed global community, encompassing readers, clients, and partners, our dedicated team offers a comprehensive range of media services. These services span from top-tier design work to thoughtfully curated editorial content and engaging Twitter updates.

Our Origin Story

BitConfused is the brainchild of a passionate group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Founded as a young and spirited cryptocurrency startup, our journey began in early 2018 when we assumed ownership of this domain. Our vision was clear: to harness the recognizable BitConfused platform to shift the collective focus from the broad “crypto” landscape towards a more cryptocurrency-centric perspective.

Our Core Mission

Our mission is elegantly straightforward: to advocate for hyper-cryptocurrencization. The cryptocurrency protocol holds the key to individual empowerment and offers a viable, long-term avenue for wealth preservation. We are driven to disseminate awareness about cryptocurrencies by actively engaging with information and individuals who recognize the tremendous potential of a cryptocurrency-centric future.

Our Guiding Values

Cryptocurrency Exclusivity: BitConfused’s primary focus remains firmly on cryptocurrency-native projects, with a specific emphasis on cryptocurrency and the Lightning Network. In doing so, we aim to minimize any potential biases and adverse consequences. Our priority is advancing initiatives that propel the cryptocurrency community forward, as opposed to undermining those dedicated to other blockchain technologies.

Community Empowerment: We wholeheartedly acknowledge the significance of cultivating a robust and engaged community of readers and contributors. We are committed to fostering open and constructive dialogues that contribute to building a more inclusive financial landscape.

Transparency: At BitConfused, transparency is a cornerstone of our principles. We openly share our sources, methodology, and editorial processes. We pledge to provide our readers with information that is accurate, truthful, and reliable. Every piece of content we produce is thoroughly researched and rigorously fact-checked.

In conclusion, BitConfused is more than just a cryptocurrency-centric media outlet. We are a dedicated force committed to driving hyper-cryptocurrencization, amplifying the significance of cryptocurrency, and delivering high-quality, transparent, and reliable information to our ever-growing community. Join us on this journey towards a cryptocurrency-centric future that empowers individuals and promotes financial freedom.